June 12, 2014

European Physiology Modules

The European Physiology Modules facility (EPM) is a modular facility onboard the European ISS module Columbus, for support of human physiology research.

First flight of EPM (EPM-1) is presently foreseen to support science in the areas:

  • Cardiovascular / Cardiopulmonary Physiology
  • Neurosciences
  • Bone Physiology

EPM will be integrated into an ISPR rack and will perform this task in close co-function with the NASA equivalent rack, the Human Research Facility (HRF).

For the initial flight, EPM will contain the following Science Modules:

  • Bone Analysis Module (BAM)
  • Multi-Electrode Electroencephalography Module (MEEMM)
  • Cardiolab, consisting of an array of equipment for physiological monitoring and stimulation
  • Body Movement Monitoring Device (ELITE)
  • Physiological Pressure Measurement Device (PPMD)
  • Skin Blood Flow Measurement Device Blood Kits, Urine Kits, Saliva Kits