June 12, 2014

Sensor: Hemoglobinometer (HEMO)

    • Method: Azide methemoglobin. Based on dry chemistry.
    • Photometer: Measurement at 570 nm and 880 nm ensure automatic compensation for turbidity.
    • Photometer is calibrated at the factory against the hemoglobin-cyanide (HiCN) method (international reference method for the determination of the total hemoglobin concentration in blood).
    • Operates from rechargeable NiMH battery's (5 x commercial AA type).
    • After ambulatory operation the data may be downloaded to the DMCU.
    • Internal buffer for 200 operations (measurements values).
    • Clean and Prick finger.
    • Apply micro-cuvette to a drop of blood (it automatically draws up to 10 µl by capillarity action).
    • Place cuvette into cuvette-holder of main unit.
    • The result is displayed after appr. 45 sec.
    • After a series of measurements, the instrument is connected to DMCU for data transfer.


    • Main unit: All measurement is performed by this unit, with internal battery power.
    • Micro-cuvettes: The micro-cuvettes are small light-weight 1-time use plastic units.
    • Prickler: A prickler is required to initiate the flow of Blood. It is proposed here to use one-way Units for hygenic reasons and saving of crew time.