June 12, 2014

Data Management System

The Data Management Central Unit is the interface between the CARDIOLAB scientific sub-modules and the EPM. It:

  • Commands and controls the sub-modules
  • Controls the interfaces between the EPM and the sub-modules (telecommand, real time and off-line telemetry, synchronisation, power supply)
  • Performs data processing
  • Stores the sub-modules data on removable supports
  • Performs data synchronisation between sub-modules (datation, synchro pulse, ECG pulse)
  • Allows troubleshooting analyses
  • Offers a Man Machine Interface via the EPM laptop

These functions are implemented via:

    • Hardware interfaces:
      • 4 RS 232,
      • 2 USB
      • 3 Ethernet
      • 1 ECG external input redistributed to sub-modules outlets
      • 8 time sync output
      • 1 test connector
      • 8 outlet (28V DC/2.75 Amp)
    • Software components:
      • Session specific predefined components
      • Modularity and evolutivity philosophy

The laptop will be from the "IBM Think Pad" family: an 770XD or a more advanced one. The On board software of CARDIOLAB is the heart of the system. Its mission covers the following aspects:

      • the scientific and operational medicine sessions management, in accordance with the operational flow,
      • the storage of rough scientific data to be back to ground with the crew return if telemetry allocations are not sufficient,
      • minimum processing of scientific data to provide scientific "quick-look" files to be transmitted off-line during the flight to ground scientists,
      • generation of technical "quick-look" files, representative of status of the DMS and sub-modules, to be transmitted off-line during the flight to ground technicians,
      • providing a MMI self content, homogeneous and friendly,
      • the command /control of the submodules when used in stationary mode,
      • the command/control of external sub-modules when compatible with DMCU capabilities,
      • EPM data handling interface (housekeeping data delivery, synchronization, telemetry/telecommand...),
      • general services (sub-modules maintenance...).

The philosophy retained for CARDIOLAB software being to present to the user (subject or operator) a friendly MMI as homogeneous as possible conducts to provide a custom built software which will be composed of:

      • a set of custom built software elements,
      • the application custom built level.

The application level will be regularly modified or re-developed in regard of scientific protocols selected for each new mission increment.

For this reason, the software architecture will be defined to provide:

    • a set of software elements with a great range of possibilities for the final user (scientific investigator),
    • a standard or specific development tool to generate the application level.